Titanium is a graysilvery metal with a beautiful shade.

Its characteristic feature is unique lightnessabout 4 times lighter than gold, and high hardness, by which is used in aviation and astronauticsThis unique metal is resistant to all kinds of chemicals, such as water, dissolving the royal gold. Due to thecomplete neutrality in the human body is used in surgery in the form of implants.Thanks antyalergiczności and wear resistance titanium is ideal for use in jewelryproducts.
The world has long been used to produce rings, clips for shirts, tie pinswatches andother products. Titanium allows you to expand and enrich the jewelry, especially rings.

Combined with gold gives the ability to manufacture the most sophisticated jewelrydesigns.
Any person who honestly comply with our guidelines by choosing size - at 100%avoid confusion.

A characteristic feature is the matte texture of titanium - which is why we suggest thatsuch a choice, though it is possible to polish rings.